To Gordon Brockhouse,

I’ve enjoyed reading your reviews. I’m trying to decide between the Totem Kin Play and KEF LSX speakers. Without taking price or anything other than sound quality into account, do you have a recommendation?

United States

Hi John,

Thanks for your kind note. As to your question, I don’t think I can add anything that’s not in my reviews of the two products. As I said in my reviews, the KEFs are smoother and more refined, and I think more neutral, but the Totems are bigger-sounding, more dynamic, and I think more revealing. As you can tell from my reviews, I enjoyed them both a lot. Sonically, it’s a hard choice between these speakers, but I don’t think there’s a bad choice.

The feature content (app control, Wi-Fi connectivity, and DSP configurability on the KEFs, versus phono preamp and simplicity of setup on the Totems) may prove decisive for you. The Totems are larger as well. Are you near any dealers where you can hear these speakers?

Kindest regards,

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I do have a KEF dealer nearby, but not a Totem dealer. I think I’ll listen to the LSXes and then try to decide. Keep the good reviews coming!

United States