Thanks so much for posting your KEF LS60 Wireless review. I have been checking SoundStage! Simplifi daily for something like this! Wonderful post!

I have a pair of KEF Q950 floorstanders paired with a Cambridge 851A integrated amp and the new Bluesound Node. I love the system but am looking for something just a little “more” (and incidentally, my wife loves the look of the LS60).

The one thing I did not see in your review was an evaluation of the LS60 system’s ability to fill a room with volume. Do you think this system can play at a loud volume for those occasional “needs” for a party atmosphere? Something like 75db at 8′? My listening space is a kitchen-living area of 18′ × 28′, with passages to other areas at each end.

Again, thanks so much for a great and informative review, and looking forward to your reply.

Ernie Slubik

Hi Ernie,

Thanks for writing, and I’m glad you enjoyed the review.

My room is smaller than yours. I evaluated the LS60 Wireless in my living room, which measures 12.5′W × 9.25′D. But it opens into an adjoining dining room through a wide archway, and to a hallway through a narrower opening. The total space measures approximately 22′W × 12′D. Despite the differences in our listening environments, I have no doubt that the LS60 can play loud enough to meet your needs.

Just to make sure, I played Bob Marley and the Wailers’ “Exodus” with the volume set quite high (as loud as I can play without disturbing the neighbors). I was getting peaks of 77–78dB (A-weighted) and 82–83dB (C-weighted) standing 8′ to 10′ from the speakers, with no evidence of distress or compression. There was a definite “party” atmosphere.

I hope this is the information you’re looking for. BTW, my wife (who has impeccable taste) loves the look of these speakers too.

All the best,