Hello Gordon,

I enjoyed your review of the HEDD Type 07, and Jay Lee’s video review as well. If you have not seen it, Alpha Audio out of the Netherlands did a video comparison of a variety of active monitors. Included was the Type 07, which, like you and Jay, they really liked. It would be helpful to see you guys audition some PSI monitors, which are made in Switzerland. They have a very good reputation in the studio community. Neumann KH 120 and KH 310 monitors are very well thought of as well. Just some food for thought.

Thank you for your ongoing work and insight. It is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
John Shepherd
United States

Hi John,

Thanks for writing, and for the lead on PSI monitors. I didn’t know about this brand, and after reading your e-mail, I reached out to them about reviewing their products for Simplifi. HEDD has announced second-generation models of its studio monitors. I expect to be reviewing a sub-sat system comprising the HEDD Type 05 MK2 monitors and Bass 08 subwoofer in the next few months.

All the best,
Gordon Brockhouse